8 Person Runaboat/Ski Boat


These are our economy boats that offer you a chance to get on the water and tour the lake or play. Includes shade canopy, wakeboard towers, life jackets, ski gear, wakeboard, and tube. NO-SURFING! Delivered to Payette Lake.
Up to 19' Runabout / Ski Boats - 190hp I/O - 8 Passenger or 1085-1300 Ibs.
***Fuel is Not Included and Will Be Charged to Guest Based On Usage. Expect a .25 Cent Price Per Gallon Over Chevron Prices in McCall For Fuel.
Drivers must be 21 years of age. No Pets Allowed On Boats!

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up till 7 days prior to arrival with a full refund of the deposit, minus a 5% processing fee. Final balance will be charged 7 days prior to arrival and that is when the reservation becomes non-refundable. Guests that cancel closer to their reservation will not receive a refund, but will be issued a store credit to be used in the next year. We must be notified the day prior to receive store credit. Once the equipment is delivered to the boat dock, no store credit or refund will be issued. Please note, we deliver machines at 7am.

City Boat Docks - Check-in Times
City Boat Docks - Check-in Times

Guest acknowledges that we use the McCall City Docks to launch our rentals and this space is open to the public and we can continue to do so at their discression. Many guests have a tendency to check-in late for their rental, which causes us to run out of dock space and not leave room for the remainder of the public. This also causes a backlog of guests wanting to check-in at the same time causing guests having to wait their turn. We launch over 40 pieces of equipment every morning and cannot accomodate everyone that shows up at once. We ask our guests to please be considerate to others and either show up on time, or plan to wait, or notify us 24 hours in advance of a later check-in time. These requests will be made for 11 or 11:30am, and more time will not be added to the backend of your reservation. Thank you for understanding.

No Pets Allowed
No Pets Allowed

No pets allowed. If you smoke or sneak a pet onto the watercraft you will be charged $100 cleaning fee and will be required to replace any burnt/scratched vinyl or flooring.


An Hour Before Your Reservation Start Time - You check-in to the office, make sure all waivers are signed, and whether or not you need ice for your beverages or snacks. Also, if you have children or people over 2XL grab their life jackets.
15 mins before your start time– You check in with the beach staff, they will show you the condition of the boat and go over the map, speeds, and what places to avoid. They will also go over the controls and show you how to operate said boat and how to work the radio.
Start Time – Part from the dock. This is where your journey starts make sure not to make a wake in the no wake zone.
9am- 4:30pm – What ever the day may bring maybe the kids want to go swimming or you want to hang out over at north beach, or maybe you want to just cruise around the lake and look at beach houses its up to you but manage your time wisely as it takes about 30 to 40 minutes to get to the dock if you are on the other side of the lake and will have to make the journey back.
4:30pm – 5:30pm - You make it back to the dock. the beach crew will help you dock and check the prop on your boat and make sure no damages to the boat. Your day on the lake is now complete. Maybe you’ll want to schedule another boat rental or maybe a wave runner rental soon.


Tour Info

7 hours
Group Size
Up to 8
Price starts at
Meeting Point

303 N 3rd St McCall Idaho

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Dropoff location

Legacy Beach McCall Idaho

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  • Wake Board

  • Tube (optional)

  • Water Skis

  • Ski Rope

Frequently asked questions

16 Years of Age as Long as They Are Under Adult Supervision at All Times.
Yes, It Is Required By Idaho State Law! If You Are Not on Our Approved Driver List, Then You Cannot Operate One of Our Waverunners! If We Catch an Individual Operating One of Them That Hasn’t Gone Through the Course, Then We Will Revoke Your Rental Privileges For The Day With No Refund. The Reason Being, Is Because They Are the Ones That Cause Accidents, Wreck’s Our Machines, and Get Tickets From The Sheriff Department For Being Reckless. Operator’s must be able to understand English in Written & Verbal Form as The State Hasn’t Produced Materials in Spanish For Us To Use and Distribute at This Time.
Yes, All Driver’s Have To Show ID and Go Through Idaho Safety Training Course, & Get Certification Card. They Will Also Need To Get Correct Fitting Life Jackets At The Office.
Waverunners Have A Max Weight Limit, So That Determines If You Can Have 2 or 3 People On At The Same Time.
Yes, Unless Told Otherwise by Staff. We Only Need to See Drivers of The Boat to See Their Driver’s License to Verify That They Have One and That They Are 21 Years Old. Also to Ensure All Waivers Are Signed Electronically by Every Man, Woman, and Child That Will Be on The BOAT Prior To Them Being Able to Check-in. They Will Need to Pick up Life Jackets for The Children So They Will Need a List of Their Approx... Weight. Also, They Will Need to Grab 3XL and Larger Life Jacket’s at The Office. Universal Life Jackets Are on The Boat.
Yes! It Will Slow Down the Check-in Process by At Least 20 Minutes If They Are Not Completed Prior To Arrival. Not Only Will It Slow Down Your Check-in, But Everyone Else’s That Is in Line Behind You! WE DO NOT HAVE PAPER WAIVERS TO SIGN. Parents Can Add Their Minor Children to Their Waiver and Sign it Once.
Yes! We Didn’t Use to Have to, But Insurance This Year Is Requiring It!
No. However, We Highly Recommend Becoming Familiar with Idaho Boating Laws.
For Vessel’s 19 Ft. and Under In Length They Are Required to Always Wear Them While the Vessel is Underway If They Are 14 and Under in age.
All the Pontoon Boats Have a Small Cooler Built into Them. For Ski Boats, a Few Have Very Small Ones. We Recommend a Smaller Cooler to Keep on The Boat or a Big One for The Beach.
A Smart Renter is a Good Renter! During The Walk Through at The Beach with Our Staff, Our Guest Has the Opportunity to Point Out Any Previous Damage They Don’t Want to Be Responsible for and To Also Look At Photos Of The Propeller’s and Skeg’s That Are Time Stamped From That Morning Prior To Us Launching The Watercraft. Guest Are Always Welcome to Take Their Own Photos & Video’s. For Pontoon Boats We Will Trim the Motor So You Can See the See the Propeller & Skeg. The Surf Boat is Not Launched Until It’s Viewed by Guest Out of The Water. The Most Common Damage Is Caused by Damage to The Propeller & Skeg. A Few Areas Around the Lake Has Shallow Rocky Areas That You Need to Be Aware Of, Especially Around Private Docks, The Narrows, Ponderosa Park, Swim Area at Legacy Beach, Firemans Point, Northwest of Shore Lodge, and The Islands. Also, If You Forget to Trim the Motor When Beaching the Boats Can Cause Damage. Also, on Occasion a Random Log Can Be Found Floating Around the Lake. For This Reason, We Withhold the Right to Pull the Boat Out of The Water for Inspection of The Bottom of The Watercraft for Damage. Guest Are Welcome to Wait for Us to Do So and See for Themselves. If There is Damage, You Will Receive a Call from Us for You to Come Inspect the Damage and Settle Payment. Non-Settled Payments Will End Up Charged to The Credit Card on File and If Charges Are Disputed Then Cheap Thrills Will Collect Via Small Claims Court in Valley County, Idaho.
Cheap Thrills Rentals Withholds the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone. We’ve Been in The Customer Relation Business For 30 Years, and Understand the Difference Between Miscommunications, Disagreements, and Just Downright Jerks. Luckily 99% of Our Customers Are Awesome! However, The Other 1% Are On “The Black List” and Won’t Be Allowed To Book or Be A Guest On Any of Our Equipment.
Yes, You Can. Here Is What You Need to Understand. Most of Our Pontoon Boat’s Have 115 Horsepower Motor with A Max Speed of About 20 Miles Per Hour. The More Weight That Is on The Boat, The Slower It Will Go. The More Weight That Is on The Tube, The Slower It Will Go. If The Motor Is Not Trimmed All the Way Down, It Will Cause the Motor to Overheat. Pontoon Boats Don’t Make Sharp Turns at Fast Speeds.
After You Add the First Item On the Correct Date and Time, At The Bottom of Screen It Gives You an Option To Add Another Product. This Can Be a Different Type Of Product For Example: 1st Item is a 24’ Pontoon Boat for July 4th at 10am. You Can Then Add Another Product That Is a Different Size of Boat or Waverunner for The Same Day to the Same Reservation. It will Not Allow 2 of The Same Boats at The Same Time to Be Booked. You Have to Call the Office to Do This. If You Want The 24’ Pontoon Boat July 4th at 10am and 2 Waverunners at The Same Time, You Will First Add the Boat, Then Add The 1st Waverunner at 10am and the 2nd at 10:05 am. Multiple of The Same Items Have to Be Booked 5 Minutes Apart. You Can Book the Same Boat for Different Days. So, Let’s Say You Want a 24’ Pontoon Boat on July 4th at 10am, and another on July 8th at 10:30 am, and another on August 9th at 10:15 am you can do this on the same reservation. If You Want the Waiverunners To Go Out The Same Time as The Boat and You Can't Do it Online Then You Can Send Us An Email or Give Us A Call. We Will Try To Accommodate The Request. Again, If You Have Issues We Can Book It Over the Phone for You.
Yes, Our Software Charges a Fee to Book Online, That Is How They Make Their Money and No We Have No Control Over It. This Is a Standard Reservation Software Practice for Vacation Rentals and Any Sort of Guided or Equipment Rental Software.
7:15 am To 8:15 am 1:00 pm To 5:00 pm Staff Is Available at Legacy Beach or At the Office 7 Days a Week to Answer Any Questions. With 100 to 150 People Coming Through the Office in The Morning To Check-In We Have Issues Answering The Exorbitant Amount of Calls That Come In Requesting Last Minute Bookings.
At The End of Your Reservation, We Pull the Boat to Chevron and We Fill the Tank with Unleaded Fuel and Our Staff Gets a Receipt with the # of Gallon’s and The Price Per Gallon It Took. They Write the Guest Last Name and The Name of The Boat on the Receipt and Deliver to The Office. Fuel Charge’s Will Be Processed the Next Day by Office Staff. They Add a .25 Cent Per Gallon on Top of The Price Per Gallon and Charged to CC on File. It’s Still About Over $1 Per Gallon Cheaper Than Fueling at Mile High Marina. Receipts are available for viewing anytime the afternoon after your rental at the office.
Our Economy Boat is a Boat That is a Few Years Older and Still Runs Great but Is Not a Brand New $100,000 Boat. Most of Our Guest’s Just Want a Fun Day on the Water and Don’t Want to Spend Over $1000 Per Day for a Rental, So We Have These to Fill That Need. If You Were to Go Boat Shopping You Would Find These in the $30,000 to $15,000 Price Range. We Will Be Fazing These Boat’s Out Over the Next Couple Years, and Adding More Pontoons and Surf Boats Which is Going to Increase the Rental Rates. There Just Isn’t Much to Buy in The In-Between Price Range of $65,000 to $35,000.
No! They Are an Inboard/Outboard Motor and It’s Dangerous. You Can Tube, Wakeboard, or Water Ski Behind Them.
No. This option is for either private homeowners or guests that have rented a home on the lake with a private dock. There is no public dock available for overnight mooring. Not all docks are the same, so please be sure to check with your rental agency to ensure that their dock is in good working condition that won’t cause damage to our boat. Also, ask if there is anything in or around the dock under water that you need to be aware of before bringing the boat over. I know some have big rocks around the dock or pipes in the water from old docks that you need to look for.
So we typically get rain 3 to 4 days in the summer. I would recommend start looking at the 10 day weather forecast and make adjustments to your reservation as soon as possible if the weather looks bad. You can get most of your deposit back 7 days prior. If it does rain, we will try to move the reservation to another day if the equipment is available, but the sooner we know the easier it is. If you’re on the water and it starts raining you can bring the watercraft back and you would be issued a store credit for lost time. Generally, a typical mountain rainstorm lasts about an hour and then it clears up. Sometimes it may rain in the morning and be nice in the afternoon.

Things to know


Fuel not included.
No Pets Allowed.
No Surfing.

Fuel not included.
No Pets Allowed.
No Surfing.

What The Heck Is the Damage Slush Fund?

Ok, So We Had to Change the Name Because It’s Not Actually an Insurance Policy That We Sell. So, We Renamed It “The Damage Slush Fund” Here is What It Is, and What It Covers!
The Guest Is Responsible for All Damages to Our Equipment in Entirety. You Can Check with Your Personal Auto I...

Ok, So We Had to Change the Name Because It’s Not Actually an Insurance Policy That We Sell. So, We Renamed It “The Damage Slush Fund” Here is What It Is, and What It Covers!
The Guest Is Responsible for All Damages to Our Equipment in Entirety. You Can Check with Your Personal Auto Insurance Provider to See What They Will Cover for You Before You Arrive. So, If You Total a Watercraft or Sink It, You Owe Us the Market Value of The Equipment at The Time of The Incident. In Addition to Recovery Fee’s, Loss of Rental Revenue, & Loss of Items in The Watercraft at The Time, Such as Coolers, Life Jackets, Floaties, Boards, Ropes, Flags, etc.

What If I Want To Opt In To The "Damage Slush Fund"?

If You opt In to Join What We Call the Damages Slush Fund, It Will Cover Just the Damages to The Watercraft That Is Over $500. It Also Covers Loss of Rental Revenue and Recovery Fees.
It DOESN’T Include Damaged Wetsuits, Tubes, Ropes, Coolers, Life Jackets, Boards, Etc.
We Offer Thi...

If You opt In to Join What We Call the Damages Slush Fund, It Will Cover Just the Damages to The Watercraft That Is Over $500. It Also Covers Loss of Rental Revenue and Recovery Fees.
It DOESN’T Include Damaged Wetsuits, Tubes, Ropes, Coolers, Life Jackets, Boards, Etc.
We Offer This to Reduce Your Out-of-Pocket Expense and To Reduce the Pain of an Expensive Repair Bill for Our Guests. We Understand That This Would Be a Financial Burden to Most. Also, It’s Much Easier for Us to Collect Less Than $500 Rather Than Over $3,000 From Guest’s and It Save’s Us from Having to Pursue Damages in Court.
It’s Called a Slush Fund, Because We Have It as An Option for Guest’s to Purchase Before Their Rental for Both Summer & Winter Season’s. The Total Amount Collected for The Year Is Used to Pay for Guest Damages That Are Over $500.
We’ve Been Offering This For 3 Years Now and Have At Least Broken Even Every Year Which We Consider a Win as We Haven’t Lost Money and Haven’t Had to Increase Rates Due to Not Being Able to Collect for Damages.

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