for bookings less than 12 hours before start time, call in for a reservation

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Cheap Thrills has decided to make some changes to our offerings this season in an effort to keep everyone on the mountain safer. We will be doing 4-Hour, 5-Hour, & 7-Hour Rental Periods. It’s our goal to get all of our guests off the mountain by 4pm, before the sun starts to set. If guests arrive at the office for their reservation an hour late, they will not be allowed to go out and will forfeit their rental fee. We believe that most problems, accidents, and issues happen in the backcountry between 4 & 6pm, after the sun has gone down with very little people or support around to help. Guest must understand before booking a backcountry snowmobile trip, that there is hardly any services available to you including cell service, road side assistance, or medical help. We are not trying to scare you, but you need to be aware and be cautious. Please note that less than 5% of our guests end up in a fender bender or accident. 

Snowmobile Rental McCall Idaho

4 hour tour

Start time options are: 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm. 

4 Hours is Perfect to ride into Secesh for lunch and return on time or take a soak at the Burgdorf Hot Springs (Must make a reservation directly through Burgdorf first)


$200- $250

Snowmobile Rental McCall Idaho

5 hour tour

Start time options are: 9am, 10am, 11am.

5 Hours is Perfect to book a 2 hour soak time with Burgdorf Hot Springs & return on time. Or you can either make it into Warren or Secesh for lunch and return on time without incurring a late fee.


$225 - $275

Snowmobile Rental McCall Idaho

7 hour tour

 Start time is 9am. 

7 Hours will give you enough time to visit all 3 Locations: Warren, Secesh, and Burgdorff Hot Springs.


$250 - $300

Snowmobile Rental McCall Idaho


Start time is 1pm. 

We offer overnight rentals for guests with a lodging reservation at Burgdorf Hot Springs, The Baum Shelter, or The Stage Stop. 1 – 3 nights are available


$250 - $300

Prices don't include taxes and fees. Rate varies between weekday, weekend, and holiday prices.


All our machines are Ski-Doo’s. The Grand Touring Two-Seater snowmobiles are 4-stroke, 600cc. The Renegades are our Single-Seater Machines which are 600cc 4-strokes. 600 Powder Sleds are 2-stroke Ski-Doo Backcountry or Summits. 850’s Powder sleds – 2-stroke, Summit X or SP. 165 track with either a 2.5 or 3 inch paddle. All snowmobiles have handwarmers. The 2 seater has handwarmers both on the front and back. 

Must be 21 with a valid driver’s license & credit card to book a snowmobiles. Drivers can be 16 under adult supervision and a signed liability release waiver by a parent or guardian. Passengers can be age 4 and up. 

Powder sled rentals require experience riding a snowmobile. We have a very limited supply of 850’s, and you have to call in to book one. We require Avalanche/Beacon training to rent an 850. A shovel, beacon, probe, and backpack required at a minimum. We will have a couple available for an additional rental fee, but we do not provide training on these items. 

Our sleds can only be operated in the area out of the Francis Wallace Trailhead. We deliver our equipment to the trailhead for our guests. Our guests are not allowed to transport them to a different location. 




Another half day trip can take you further up the trail from Burgdorf to the historic gold mining town of Warren. Allow 1 1/2 Hours to reach this destination. Along the way, plan a stop at the Secesh Stage Stop. This store has been reopened under new ownership and is serving a variety of eats and beverages. This well known eatery is located 25 miles up the trail and is a real bonus to your snowmobiling experience. Overnight Stays at Secesh and Overnight Stays for Warren check this links Secesh – The Stage Stop Restaurant & Lodging and Warren – The Baum Shelter Restaurant & Lodging


The Francis Wallace Trailhead provides easy access to the high elevation riding areas of Goose Lake, Granite Lake, Hazard Lake and the Brundage Mountain Lookout. Head out into the backcountry from the parking lot and ride all day.


Take a ride, take dip and take in the magic of Burgdorf Hot Springs.  From Francis Wallace Trailhead, travel 20 miles north on a wide groomed trail then two miles in from the junction, accessible for all levels of riders. 

NEW FALL 2022:  Burgdorf Hot Springs is open by reservation only for a 2-Hour Soak Time & For Overnight stays in their historic cabins. Two night minimums. BURGDORF NO LONGER REQUIRES PROOF OF VACINATION! Reserve Soak TIme or Cabin at Burgdorf

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